About Laura

Laura Welch is a Hamilton based movement/yoga teacher and actor. During her classical theatre acting training, Laura took movement classes with Leslie French and she became really interested in how the body effects our personal expression. After graduating, Laura started her yoga practice with Moksha Yoga in Toronto, originally for stress relief, and quickly found that yoga asana practice was tied deeply with most of her acting and movement training. When she moved back to Hamilton she was voracious for knowledge and connected with many local teachers especially Jackee Desimone, Kelly Bortolin, Elda Giardetti, and Trish Dingman. 


Laura completed her first 200-hour Hatha certification in 2017 with Anjeli Yoga Teacher Training at Prayati Yoga in Mississauga. Led by Diana Lockett and Dan Horgan, Laura learned keys to therapeutic alignments for a yoga practice based off of the Anusara tradition. Laura is also a proud graduate of Heal Evolve Thrive’s  200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training led by Trish Dingman and Maddi Rundle. This training had a strong emphasis on self-regulation, nervous system awareness, and creating strong professional boundaries. Laura has also completed Trauma Informed Movement and Presence Training (Levels One and Two) with Maddi Rundle. She has also completed the first level of the Sharing Privilege course with GoodBodyFeel. 

Laura continues to be inspired by every yoga class she takes, every student she works with, as well as her creative experiences. In addition to teaching regularly scheduled classes, she leads workshops in vocal exploration through yoga and acting. 


Teaching Philosophy

When Laura started practicing she was always questioning “Am I doing this right?”, “ Is there an alignment I’m missing?” and much of her practice was filled with thoughts rather than feelings. Through her personal practice, learning from others, and her teaching practice, Laura has enjoyed learning alignment cues that would maybe be passed over and distilling them into what is useful and strengthening for her students. By giving clear cueing, she sets a safe container for the student to feel what comes up for them through the movement. Humour and self-reflection are staples in her teaching style. She encourages students to be imaginative with the yoga postures and emphasizes the building of discernment and patience with the body when practicing therapeutic/advanced Asana.


Group Public Classes

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January 2021

Modo Yoga Hamilton Online Classes

Wednesday Feb 3rd @ 10:30am Slow Flow
Saturday Feb 13th @ 2:30pm SSU
Wednesday Feb 17th @ 10:30am Slow Flow

Weekly Online Zoom Movement Classes

Monday Morning Wake Up with Movement @ 8:30am

Thursday Evening Down Regulate @8:30pm

**Contact Laura for more details**

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How to move with Laura

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"Laura is an excellent yoga teacher. She teaches intelligently, basing her practice on her deep knowledge of the functioning of the body, so you know you are always safe in her hands. Laura also teaches sensitively, concerned and always aware of each individuals needs and goals, tailoring her practice to maximize each person’s experience. I have practiced yoga for over 30 years and I can honestly say that Laura is one of the best - if not the best - teachers I have had. I feel very fortunate to be in her class!"

Emmy Arnold, yoga student

"Well, I came to yoga with lots of hope that it would improve my ability to walk and move and make me better. I have fibromyalgia. I have been off work for three years with little hope for me. I joined hot yoga and my world changed. With the help from Laura, I began my practice and never looked back. She helped me to find myself and lose myself at the same time. She helped me with my form and my poses. She is wonderful soul and she is so strong as well."

Jodi Libby, yoga student

"For several years Laura has come to my home to lead a yoga class of my friends. We feel fortunate to have a such a knowledgeable and focused mentor. She knows when to challenge us and when to indulge us and when to strike a balance. We couldn’t ask for more and hope that she continues to lead us in our yoga practice."
Samieh Chavoshi, yoga student

"Laura is a wonderful and generous yoga instructor.
She brings the perfect mix of knowledge, understanding of anatomy, ability to explain and correct movements, humour and beautiful singing voice.
She is always expanding her knowledge and sharing new insights with her students.
I so much enjoy going to yoga class each week."
Mary Jo Hind,  yoga student