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"Welch’s portrayal of all the stresses of teenage life and of expectations finally becoming too much is open and genuinely raw, a feeling that every student in the audience can wholly connect with."

Heather Jansen, Dart Critics


"Laura Welch provides a rare balance as sometimes comic relief and sometimes heartstring-tugging Jenna."

Maxie Dara, The View



"I had the privilege of directing Laura Welch in the world premiere of Michael Kras' The Team. Kind, supportive, and hard working, Laura was not only a pleasure to direct but made the whole company around her better too. Laura's commitment to her work never wavered, and from the first rehearsal to the last performance she continued adding nuance and detail to her performance. It was a joy to watch. I recommend her highly to other directors."

Colin B. Anthes, Director of the Team and Artistic Director of Essential Collective Theatre, and Twitches and Itches

“Laura is a gutsy stage presence. Her work in my play was big, bold, brave, generous, vulnerable, and devastating all at once. She brought a character of mine to such empathetically full and textured life, and was riveting to watch every second.” 

Michael Kras, Playwright of the Team

Directing & Coaching

"Laura is dynamic, comforting and warm. A hard-working creative of various disciplines, she brings an openness, graciousness and thoughtfulness into any room that goes unmatched. One of the loveliest humans I’ve been lucky to know for many years, she is an incredible guide at helping open hearts and minds while fostering and cultivating a safe place to make bold and intimate choices without judgement or fear. "

Carly Billings, Musical Theatre Performer, Actor, Podcast Host and Comedian


"Laura is a compassionate, creative, open mind/hearted artist and human. She honours your instincts, giving you the freedom to be unapologetically yourself while exploring the work. A true gift!"

Emily Lukasik, Actor, Singer, Musician at the Shaw Festival

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